Saturday, November 27, 2010

wanna ride (let it snow)

Though the weather outside is rotten
Good rides are not forgotten
Can’t wait to get back outside
Wanna ride, wanna ride, wanna ride

I’m throwing coins into fountains
Wishing to return to the mountains
Over alpine roads I’ll glide
Wanna ride, wanna ride, wanna ride

In the meantime I’ll have to train
But outside it’s so hard to stay warm
And the rollers are such a pain
It’s hard to get back into form

As the bright winter suns are shining
For the mountains I’ll be pining
And for roads paved smooth and wide
Wanna ride, wanna ride, wanna ride

1 comment:

  1. Wow - that is some creativity!!
    Jeff - Allen Jones, producer for epicRides left a comment on my blog. They are shooting a Colorado segment this Summer and he is very open to suggestions. It seems that you know CO like the back of the hand. If you are interested to give your suggestions/comments:
    email: allen at
    Twitter: @epicplanet
    Phone: 802.363.8877
    Merry Christmas!