Sunday, November 14, 2010

tour de kota 2011

The Tour de Kota announced their route for 2011 recently. Their website is largely under construction as of now, but the mapped route and overnight towns are available.
I like the fact that it's a loop; no logistical concerns getting your car to the finish and your bike and yourself to the start. I also like the that next year's tour has a theme; Class is in Session. What's being called the College Campus Cruise will overnight at several area schools including Augustana College, the University of Sioux Falls, Dakota State University, the University of South Dakota, and South Dakota State University. For a small fee riders will be able to reserve dorm rooms for overnight stays in the college towns.

On my two previous TdKs I visited all of the host towns except for Madison, and though we rode through Vermillion it wasn't an overnight stay back in 2006. It would be fun to visit the campuses of these colleges, and though Freeman is not a college town, I remember how friendly the people were in welcoming riders to their town. The Tour de Kota 2011 runs from Sunday to Friday, June 5-10, and covers 430 miles through the rolling hills of eastern South Dakota.


  1. I may try to ride that this year. My dad's side of the family lived north of Mitchell before moving to Indiana in the dry years of 33 - 36. I still have many cousins out there. Thanks for the post!

  2. It sounds like fun and I have researched this ride because ND isn't that far from us. One of these times I am going to commit to one opf these.

  3. Wow. I looked at the profile for this ride. Without some epic climbs, how can you feel the pain?
    I need to adjust my thinking so that a tour can actually be fun (ha ha).
    Maybe there are great rides other than in Colorado.

  4. Oh, what fun! I LOVE your picture of the mountain with the mist rising from the base. I won't be out of school by June 5th, otherwise I'd consider making the trip.

  5. Doozy, You would have a great time biking around South Dakota, but not to mislead, the pic in the header is of fog rising off the Animas River outside of Durango, CO. You would enjoy that ride too!

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