Wednesday, November 3, 2010

colorado, we have a problem

Hi! I'm Jeff, and I'm a Colorado-holic. I'm addicted to cycling in the mountains. Now, I love cycling anywhere, and I've had great times doing multi-day tours in South Dakota and Kansas. I know I would enjoy doing a tour in any state, and I know that there are scenic rides in Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada. But I have a Colorado monkey on my back. I blame CRMBT.
I know I'm going to be begging my wife to let me go just once more. I can stop any time I want. I just need a fix right now. I'll probably be on the street, selling old bike jerseys and doing favors for tour organizers.
Some would say that cold turkey is the only way to beat an addiction like this. But I think it would be safer to give it up a little at a time. Maybe a shorter tour or two, followed by a few single day events. Maybe ride away from the mountains over the high plains on my way back to Kansas.
If you see or hear about someone riding around Kansas with a Colorado patch on his arm, that would be me.


  1. I've got that same addiction. As we rode into Edwards on the last day of CRMBT 2010, I told myself that would be the last mile I'd ever ride in Colorado. Like you, I'd been over almost every high pass in the state.
    Now that I've had three months to recover, I'm trying to decide how, when and where to get up there again.
    It's good that we remember the good and forget the pain!

  2. Clay, I've talked to so many people that can't imagine riding in the Rockies. I couldn't either, until I did it. The feeling of accomplishment on Independence, Slumgullion, and this year on Mt Evans was just incredible!

  3. I really enjoy your pics...I click big on them all. One of these days I will get back there for some riding...and the more I read your blog, the more tempting it is.

  4. I LOVE this post! Thanks for the beautiful pictures and a laugh!