Wednesday, November 24, 2010

colorado scenic byways

I've fallen in love with Colorado over the last few years. Cycling over some of the most beautiful routes you can imagine have given me a whole new appreciation for the mountains, the valleys, the rivers and high deserts. The state is home to 11 nationally designated byways, and 14 scenic and historic byways recognized by Colorado for their historic, cultural and scenic value. Between a turn on the Bicycle Tour of Colorado, and three wonderful tours with CRMBT, I have had the pleasure of riding parts of eleven of these byways.
From the West Elk Loop to the San Juan Skyway,  the Top of the Rockies to the Collegiate Peaks, Mount Evans Road, Peak-to-Peak Highway, and Trail Ridge Road have all given me some of the most wonderful days on a bike that I could have possibly imagined. When the idea of going to CO to ride a tour was first suggested by my brother-in-law I thought it was beyond my capabilities. But, I've learned that with preparation, determination, and persistence, I can do more than I thought possible.
In my mind a tour through the mountains is not a race, unless that is against the weather. I ride as good a pace as I can, stop to rest when needed, and go slow enough to take lots of pictures and enjoy the grandeur around me. I think everyone should add Colorado to their list of places to visit. A drive to the top of Mt Evans, through Rocky Mountain National Park, or over the Million Dollar Highway would offer views you would never forget. But if you really want to see it close up......bring your bike!

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