Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ready to roll

I'm longing for an adventure. Over the years I've been lucky enough to see some pretty cool places. We got to go to Hawaii several years ago. My wife had a conference in Honolulu. On the last night they had a buffet in the park right on Waikiki beach, and the entertainment was Kenny Loggins. The we flew to Kauai for a few days and took a helicopter ride along Na Pali coast. It was a spectacular place that I've long dreamed of returning to, maybe hiking along the cliffs and camping in paradise.

We've vacationed in some great cities, and driven through several states. Any time I'm near the ocean is special, and driving from San Francisco down the Pacific Coast Highway to Cambria was as good as it gets. I would love to get back and spend some time at Big Sur. Another place I'd like to see again is the Grand Canyon. I saw it from the rim on a trip with my family when I was in high school. But I got to see it up close when I spent a week on the river and hiked out on Bright Angel trail. I would love to go back, hike into the canyon and explore.

One evening I was reading an old Outdoors magazine with an article about adventures you should have in your life. One of them was a Colorado River trip through the Grand Canyon. There was a picture from above the Nankoweap campsites. I walked down the hall and found a photo I had taken and showed my wife the two side by side. I had been there!
Borrowed from Pike's Peak River Runners.

Lately all my adventures have been the two-wheeled kind. I have loved riding through South Dakota, Kansas, and most of all Colorado. I love the speed of bicycle touring; seeing things you would miss in a car. And I love that you have to work hard to get the payoff of seeing the summit of a mountain pass. I don't know what my next adventure will be, but it can't come soon enough.


  1. You seem to be the type to "Get out and do it." A doer one might say. I am sure whatever adventure you choose, it will be good and we will be waiting for you to take us along.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    Have just found your blog and have been reading some of your back posts - great stuff.

    I find it's the winter months when I start planning next years adventures.
    My big one next year will be Gibraltar back to the UK.

    I agree with your thoughts on bike touring..!