Friday, February 17, 2012

ride the rockies 2012

The route for the 2012 version of Ride The Rockies was announced recently, and promises a scenic and challenging tour for 2000 lucky lottery winners.
 The first day is a ride past the Blue Mesa Reservoir and through the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River. The 79 miles have riders gaining about 3,000 feet, a nice warm up for days to come.
Day two's 69 miles feature a beautiful climb over McClure Pass, ending with some miles on the bike path into Carbondale with almost 4,000 feet of climbing.
With two good days behind them, riders face a third day featuring more climbing than the first two combined. Eighty-five miles and 7,379 feet of climbing will take riders over Independence Pass and into Leadville.
Day 4 features the most miles of the week, 92 miles from Leadville to Granby, climbing Fremont Pass and Ute Pass. Ride The Rockies also offer a century option. If you're already riding 92 miles......
The penultimate day features a spectacular 63 miles through Rocky Mountain National Park on the way to Estes Park. Trail Ridge Road will take riders over 11,000 feet and keep them there for over 8 miles.
The final day should be easy. Fifty-five miles and less than 1,800 feet of climbing, and a whole lot of descending as the tour heads from Estes Park to it's ending point of Fort Collins.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

getting ready to ride

While my efforts pale in comparison to a race around the world, or even across America, or, for that matter a 200k brevet,  I'm pleased that I've been able to put in about 100 miles OUTSIDE so far this year. Throw in a handful of sessions on the trainer, and the fact that I've been watching my diet to lower my cholesterol, and I'm in better shape than any recent February. I'm not quite ready for a week-long tour, but I've got several months for that.

I've got my eye on several possibilities for this summer. My brother-in-law suggested Pedal Across Wisconsin, which looks like it would be fun. The Springfield Cyclist seemed to enjoy it in 2011. I've also looked at the routes for Tour de Kota, which I've done, and RAGBRAI, which I have not. I've looked at BRAN and CANDISC, although BRAN is not a loop, which creates some logistics problems, and CANDISC is bound to go northwest along the Missouri again sometime, and that's when I would like to ride that.

Ride The Rockies  just announced their route, which looks spectacular (I'll preview that in another post), but is also not a loop, and BTC is heading into Wyoming for part of their ride. Speaking of which, my other brother-in-law is looking at Tour de Wyoming in July. That ride looks fantastic too. I would have to make a long drive to Jackson to join him for that. And of course, if you've ever read this blog, you know my heart belongs to CRMBT. I would absolutely love to return for my 5th year with them and see the fantastic  people and  amazing  scenery I've grown accustomed to.

Whatever ride I end up doing, I'm certain it will be great fun. I can hardly wait. It's a good thing that blogger doesn't charge by the link, or after this post I wouldn't be able to afford to ride anywhere.