Monday, October 25, 2010


The first multi-day bike tour I did was the Tour de Kota around the eastern half of South Dakota. When my brother-in-law, Bruce, started talking about going to Colorado to do a tour, I was intrigued. Kind of the way I feel as the roller-coaster slowly climbs that first section; scared, but pretty sure it'll be fun. We tried unsucessfully to get into Ride the Rockies, and were lucky enough to discover the Colorado Rocky Mountain Bike Tour. CRMBT had it's inaugural running in August of 2007. So, late in the summer of '08 we headed for Gunnison, and had the hardest, best week on a bike you can imagine. We got a couple buddies to join us in Montrose to start the '09 tour. And this August I went on my own to kick off CRMBT 2010 in Edwards, CO. I owe a debt of gratitude to the organizers and volunteers who make this tour so special. Thanks to them I've come to think of Colorado as a part of me. I've experienced:

C     Cerro Summit, Coal Bank Pass, and every mile of the Copper Triangle
R     Redstone and Red Mountain Pass
M     Monarch Pass, Molas Pass, McClure Pass and Mount Evans
B     Black Canyon and Battle Hill Summit
T     Tennessee Pass and Trail Ridge Road
Thanks! Let's do it again!

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