Tuesday, July 31, 2012

crmbt- getting closer

In two more days I'll leave for Colorado. And I only have to work one more day. I'm taking tomorrow off to play golf and finish organizing everything I need to take with me. Is this  a great country, or what?
Friday morning I'm driving to Walsenberg, CO and Lathrop State Park, the first of Colorado's 42 state parks. I'll spend the evening relaxing with a good book and getting use to being about a mile higher than at home. Walsenberg has an elevation of 6171 feet, so it should be a good warm-up for the heights we'll reach during the week.
From Cyclepass.com

Saturday morning I'll drive a couple hours to Antonito where I'll take highway 17 west, looking for a place to leave my car for a couple hours, looking to do a short ride up LaManga and Cumbres Passes. These are two passes just over 10,000 feet with a small dip in between them. From the highest points the dip loses 800-1000 feet of elevation in about 3 miles. It seems like an easy way to add a couple more 10k passes and get a little warm-up ride in before the real fun starts.
In the afternoon the riders will gather in Pagosa Springs to check in with the tour, and get prepared for the week ahead. I'm looking forward to seeing some old friends, including organizers and volunteers who make this such a great way to spend a week on a bike in Colorado.

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