Saturday, July 21, 2012

crmbt- day 3

On Monday's long day we will have finished with about 12 miles on US 50 east into Gunnison. On Tuesday's ride to Montrose we'll start by backtracking that 12 miles, but remaining on US 50 west all the way to Montrose.
 There should be no need for an early start, other than to beat the heat, and to get into Montrose early.  It will only be 65 miles and less than 3000 feet of climbing. Gunnison has an elevation of 7700 feet, and Montrose 5806 feet, so we'll be going down more than up today.
 There will be a few small climbs including Cerro Summit at 7800 feet followed by a nice, long descent down to the Western Slope and Montrose, where we'll have lots of choices for a good meal or a little treat.

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  1. I suppose, more downs than ups, is a good thing in this context, eh, Jeff?
    Peace :)