Monday, July 23, 2012

crmbt- day 4

The last day of the 2009 CRMBT had riders going from Ouray to Montrose with a little side trip up Dallas Divide. It was a beautiful morning with stunning scenery as we climbed the Sneffels Range portion of the San Juan Mountains.
Dallas Divide was an up and back ride to give us a nice climb and add a few miles to the short distance between Ouray and the finish line in Montrose. This year we'll not only go up the Dallas Divide, but come on down the other side. We'll descend about 14 miles from the summit before climbing another 1400 feet to the ski town of Telluride. If the scenery on the last part of the day is anything like the first part, it will be outstanding. And the day's distance of 65 miles should allow riders to get in fairly early. Telluride sounds like a great place to have the rest day. Fly-fishing, hiking, mountain-biking, or just taking it easy in a beautiful place will be just what riders need before getting back on the bike for the last third of the tour.


  1. Nice they don't have the out and back this year. I have looked at their site, and of course followed your blog for quite some time, and it seems to be a great event.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Jeff,
    Those mountains are so beautiful. I am glad to note you are having fun!
    Peace :)