Wednesday, July 25, 2012

crmbt- day 6

After a rest day in Telluride, we'll be back on the road again, heading south to Mancos. I borrowed this profile from the archives at Bicycle Tour of Colorado. They covered this same route in 2006. As you can see, we'll have some early morning climbing to do as we cross Lizard Head Pass. Then, with a few exceptions, it's downhill for the rest of the day.
Mark over at My Bicycle Routes tells about getting wet 5 out of the 6 times he's climbed Lizard Head Pass. Those times were all later in the day. His best time doing this pass was from Telluride, and he was up and off the pass early. Sounds like that would be a good plan. Also, leaving early would give riders the best chance of being in a position to enjoy the scenery near the top of this pass. I've been told the ride down the valley from Lizard Head is really nice.

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