Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Tomorrow my in-laws, Roger & Pat Bramel will have been married for 50 years! Two days later my wife and I will reach 25 years together. I thought that those kind of anniversaries only happened to old people, and that's not the case with the four of us. I'm truly sorry that we can't be together this weekend, but we're planning a get-together for later this summer to celebrate all the married-ness.

I've heard horror stories about in-laws, and I've watched "Everybody Loves Raymond", but I couldn't ask for better in-laws than Roger and Pat. They''re both retired school teachers. I think it's in Roger's blood, because over the years I've learned something from spending time with him. I don't let him teach me anything about chemistry, but I have learned things about gardening, fishing, and golf. Roger is one of those people who can talk to anyone, and find something they have in common, and make them feel like talking to them is where he wants to be at that moment.

My mother-in-law, Pat, has a sense of humor close to mine, and we've laughed together often over the years. She's always made me feel so welcome in their home, and family. There have been times when I was able to make it home during the summer but Beth was not. I didn't hesitate to invite myself to spend time with them in town or at the lake. I'm incredibly lucky to have both of my parents still around. And I'm doubly blessed to have Pat and Roger in my life as well. Happy Anniversary to you, Roger and Pat! We'll see you in August.

Love, Jeff

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