Monday, June 21, 2010

bak 2010 - council grove and osage city

I took my time getting going this morning, and rolled out of Herington at about 7:00am. The route took us on some nice rollers and I was making good time so I skipped the first SAG stop about 10 miles from town.
There was another stop as we neared Council Grove, and the SAG hags had a Christmas theme with Santa, elves and reindeer. Holiday music was playing and red and green sprinkled sugar cookies were served.
An 1825 treaty signed with a council from the Osage nation allowed wagon traffic to pass through this area on the Santa Fe Trail. The council would convene under a large grove of trees, giving the town it's name. At one time this was the last place to get supplies as pioneers headed westward.

The Santa Fe Trail was used until the railroad reached Junction City in 1866. This KATY depot was part of the Missouri, Kansas, Texas line. The abbreviated MKT came to be called KATY, and the Katy Trail in Missouri is the nation's longest rail-to-trail project.
Late morning had us riding into the Flint Hills. They gave us some good climbs and welcome descents.
There were reminders of travelers on horseback through these hills as travelers on two wheels pedaled by.
About 17 miles from our destination of Osage City we passed through Allen. A young lady with a sign stood by the turn into town inviting us to partake of baked goods and cold drinks. But we were there before they were ready for us. There was nothing going on downtown, except for a few folks heading into the bar. I went in and had a soda and the last piece of peanut butter-chocolate pie. The girls had their goodies out by the time I passed again, so I stopped and bought a bottle of water and some cookies for my pocket. The last SAG of the day was 10 miles down the road, set up in a gravel driveway with lawn chairs and shade trees. I rested and ate my cookies and visited with some of the Wichita contingent. I finished with 64.3 miles on the day, and walked the few blocks to Market Street for dinner.


  1. The girls had their goodies out?

  2. Hi Jeff, I follow your sweet wife's blog and thought I would come see what you are up to. Fabulous journey you are on. Love those SAG stops with folks dressed up and serving treats. Thanks for sharing Kansas with us. Best wishes, Tammy