Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I'm starting to play with my toys. Part of the fun of a multi-day tour is deciding what to bring with you, packing and re-packing so you can have everything you'll possibly need in 2 of the smallest lightest bags you can manage. (At least they have to be under the 40lb. limit most tours give you to transport your bags.) If you discover there's something you need, but don't yet have, you have time to shop for it, and explain to your wife why you can't live without it.

I've seen some great lists with what to bring backpacking, rafting, on a self-supported bike tour and on an organized tour. I've put together lists for myself for camping, canoeing, touring, and I think it's not only fun, but as I get older, very helpful. At various times I've forgotten a towel and a pillow. Luckily, these were only weekend outings with buddies and I was able to work around my stupidity. On one Tour de Kota I forgot my thermarest pad. The first day was a loop from Yankton, SD to Vermillion and back, before heading in a northerly direction the second day. My brother-in-law, Bruce had points to use so we spent the first night in a Holiday Inn Express. The second night after riding all day I put up my tent and threw my sleeping bag inside, but realized I had no pad. One night on the ground was enough. The next night I found a cheap air mattress in the small town we were visiting, and the night after that I found a roll-up compressed foam pad. Not as good as my thermarest, but better than the ground.

So I'm gathering lists from various places to come up with a great list for myself. I'll publish it here when I'm done. Any suggestions? Any lists you've used that were extremely helpful?

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  1. I've never made a list for a cycling trip. I guess I just make them in my head. I definitely make them when we go on a family vacation though. I'll be interested to see your list.