Saturday, April 11, 2009


I don't have GPS on my bike. My wife has one in her car, but my Trek computer gives me all the information I need: time & temperature, speed, trip & accumulative odometer. I know it would ne good at times to know where my heart rate is, and it would be kind of cool to know how much of a climb you have in front of you, but I like to ride somewhat hard, rest when I'm tired, and keep climbing until I get to the top. Anyway, the town that I've called home for about 20 years is also home to the world headquarters of Garmin.

The weather's good today and I was able to squeeze a couple hours out of my day to ride. I got 26 miles in heading south into the country and back again. There is a growing trail system around here, and while it does get a little busy on weekends with walkers and joggers, it's a nice way to get closer to the edge of town without fighting traffic.

Happy Egg Day to everyone!


  1. I love riding on trails too because it's nice not to battle cars for a change.