Thursday, April 2, 2009


This is a list of the things I want to remember to pack and take with me when I go to Colorado in June and August. It is a compilation of my own lists, lists from The Sherpa Packer, and the BAK packing list. It could be modified for any length supported bike tour, or be a jumping off point for a self-supported ride.

Things you need during the day:

-water bottle
-camelbak hydration/backpack
-bike shoes
-sunglasses/assorted lenses
-skullcap/halo headband
-spare tube, tire levers, pump
-patch kit, CO2 cartridges, inflator
-GU gel, powerbars
-sunblock, lip balm
-bike shorts
-arm warmers
-leg warmers
-long-fingered gloves
-rain pants
-rain coat
-cell phone
-credit card, ATM card, cash
-small bags to keep camera & cash dry
-toe covers & helmet cover

Things you need in the evening:

-tent, poles, stakes, ground cloth
-sleeping pad
-sleeping bag
-extra batteries
-first aid kit; muscle rub, moleskin, bandages
-medications; prescriptions, vitamins, ibuprofen
-bug protection
-wash cloth/pouf, soap, shampoo
-long pants
-swim trunks
-fleece jacket
-long underwear
-fleece pants, shirt
-stocking cap
-moist wipes
-hand sanitizer
-facial tissue
-duffel bags
-Ziploc bags
-trash bags
-pen & notebook
-reading material
-phone & camera battery re-chargers


  1. That's a pretty darn complete list. I like that your first item on the list is Bike.

  2. I agree with Mike. That's the one thing I'd probably remember I would need to bring at the last minute. (Duh.)

  3. I think you may be able to survive without the Q-tips... and the wet wipes. I don't know, my years of backpacking tend to make me shy away from anything relating to cleanliness.

  4. Yes, I could survive without those things, and if I had to carry everything the list would be much shorter. Still, I don't bring a razor with me.

  5. Okay, referring to your list, the item directly under "long fingered gloves", is that the mediterranean dessert made with phyllo dough and walnuts? Mmmmmmmm baclava...

  6. You can burn up a lot of calories riding all day. :)

  7. Great Side show see you on BAK 2010