Friday, April 3, 2009


OK, today was a little breezy, but not too bad, and temps in the mid 50s. Tomorrow it's supposed to get up near 70, but with really strong winds. I don't want to fall over, so I rode today. About 40 miles on a nice route; bike path for a couple miles, bike lane for about 6 more. Then you're to the edge of town and you can get out on some country roads and ride.

A couple shots of Lake Olathe on the edge of town, some local history, a curious cow, and an oil well.


  1. I like that you bring a camera on your rides. If I forget to bring mine on a ride I always see something amazing.

  2. Beautiful shots. I, too, seem to be plagued by a severe case of Winditis out here. And if I don't bring a camera, I totally agree with Mike, that's exactly when you see something you wish you could preserve in a photo. Looks like that cow is used to having her photo taken!

  3. Buster says thanks for visiting his blog and he would like to run through some of that thrilling countryside that you biked through!
    Maybe some rabbits and birds to chase?