Wednesday, August 14, 2013

another colorado cycling adventure

I returned a few days ago from my sixth ride with Colorado Rocky Mountain Bike Tour. I drove to Denver on Friday August 2nd. The next morning was spent visiting a few of the city's attractions, like REI and Performance Bike. Then it was on to Loveland to check-in for the tour.
There was a tornado warning northeast of the area, and we had a short, heavy downpour mid-afternoon. It wouldn't be the last rain of the week, but it really wouldn't dampen our spirits to be riding such a scenic route. And we even got a rainbow after the shower.
This video contains a few pictures from my camera and a time-lapse of photos from my GoPro as we rode through Big Thompson Canyon. Enjoy, and stay tuned for day 2. Click on the black bars under the song title in the sidebar to turn "road tunes" off to view the video.

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  1. City attractions...REI and Performance. That's sweet. The road through Thompson Canyon is one of my all times favorites. Although I haven't bicycled the road, I have driven a few times.

    Thanks for posting,