Wednesday, August 21, 2013

crmbt - steamboat springs to walden

The views I didn't stop for on Wednesday were there waiting for me on Friday morning. We had enjoyed a rest day in Steamboat Springs. Rest may be misleading, as I walked the trail from the school to downtown Steamboat at least a dozen times, but I didn't get on my bike once. So I felt good, but still wanted to stop several times on the climb to try to capture the beauty of Rabbit Ears Pass on this side.
The top of the ridge offered some scenic views too, like this guy fishing the creek in his own piece of paradise.
At the 2nd aid station you got a decent view of the Rabbit Ears, then it was off of US40, and onto CO14, heading for Walden.
I left the aid station by myself and with the road trending slightly downward was moving at a pretty good pace, enjoying the views that stretched out in front of me.
I was still stopping for lots of pictures when the skies started growing darker.
I put on a jacket when I felt a few raindrops, and though it never amounted to much while I was on the road, the thunder behind me was encouragement enough to pick up the pace. One more day ahead of us and another CRMBT will be in the books.

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  1. Another great post Jeff. The video was sweet!!