Tuesday, July 30, 2013

almost time

I got a nice 63 mile ride on Saturday. For late July in Kansas you couldn't ask for better weather. Some sun, some clouds, but cool morning temps with the day's high only in the low 80's. Sunday's ride was much shorter, but no less enjoyable. I'm pretty much packed and ready to roll, just a few things that need to be washed, and I need to organize the accessories so I don't forget my helmet, sunglasses, etc. It's really nice that CRMBT starts so close to Denver this year. It will cut four to six hours off of my total drive time compared to the last couple years. I'm heading out sometime Friday, looking for a place to camp near Loveland, then Saturday last minute preparations, check-in with the tour, and maybe even a short ride. I'm planning to drop a few pictures from my phone on Facebook and Twitter, but the bulk of photos from my camera, and video from the GoPro will have to wait until I'm home. Hopefully I'll be able to show what a bike tour in Colorado is like, and encourage anyone who has never done it to come ride with us on CRMBT.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your pictures of the tour Jeff......