Saturday, June 4, 2011

what's the deal with ovaltine?

That's an obscure Seinfeld reference, about guys who do "observational" comedy. Part of this post is at least observational. We were in Fargo last weekend to celebrate my niece's graduation. Talking with her Dad, my brother-in-law, I told him how early in the riding season when I'm not feeling very strong or fast it leads to certain choices. He could relate.

Several weeks ago, my wife knew I had been out for a ride, and seeing my flat-green Surly CrossCheck in the garage, asked if that was my "good bike". Now, all my bikes are "good", but she was asking if that was my Chi Red Madone. I told her I couldn't ride that yet. I needed to get some good rides in, get back closer to the form, such as it is, that lets me ride across Kansas or South Dakota, or climb mountains in Colorado. Then I could ride the "good bike".

I went on to tell her that I can't wear flashy jerseys early on either. I start out with solid color jerseys, as if I'm trying not to draw too much attention to myself. I can't wear those with advertising, and especially those I've collected from bike tours. No way can I wear a CRMBT  jersey while I'm struggling to climb an overpass. I have to "earn" the right to ride the "good bike" or wear the most cherished jerseys.
Well. I'm getting closer. Today was hot. The kind of day when it's all but impossible to keep the water in your bottles cold. You can only hope it stays wet. But the sky was blue, the winds not too bad, and I had some time to ride. So, I got out and rode a loop that I haven't done since last year. Ended up with 42 miles, and the feeling that I could get the "good bike" out of the basement, and the "good" jerseys out of the closet.

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  1. Hi Jeff,
    Your photographs of the scenery there is so beautiful. I may consider moving to CO, if the opportunity presented itself! Those passes, man oh man - I will probably take a week to climb each one, if I make it LOL!


    Peace :)