Sunday, June 19, 2011

things you see from a bike

We've had some crazy weather lately. Severe thunderstorms and heavy rain for several nights. But the days have been mostly sunny and warm. But they've started out kind of cool if you could get out to ride by 7:00am. I got a couple nice rides in over the weekend, including 50 miles on Saturday. I toured parts of Olathe, Lenexa, Stillwell and Overland Park.

During the last third of my ride I was on a country road with little traffic. As I neared a stop sign for a busier road I noticed an eagle climbing straight up with a smaller black bird darting around trying to get, or get back a thin, but long, snake. A couple weeks ago I was riding on a quiet Sunday morning and near the edge of town saw a bull walking down the sidewalk. It's owner was in a pickup right behind, pulling out to guide him towards the gate if he veered toward the street. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera along for either ride.

I've got great memories from things I've seen while riding tours in South Dakota, Kansas, or Colorado. But anytime you get on your bike and ride, if you're aware of the scenery, you might see something cool. And if you ride like me, you'll be going slow enough to appreciate it.


  1. I bike to and from work almost every day. I usually cherish the things I see that I would otherwise miss driving by in a car at 55 mph. Like the wild blackberry patches that only I know about.
    Other days, when the thing I would miss is a several day old bit of road kill rotting in the ditch, I kinda wish I was driving by at 55 mph.

  2. I see lots of good things when I ride. I wish I rode in different cities/states.

    Peace :)

    PS. Overland Park ---> Sprint HQ?

  3. Tabb- I'm with you on the road kill. Sometimes I hold my breath until I'm past.

    Chandra- Yes, I used to go by Sprint on my way to work every day. And Olathe is Garmin HQ.