Sunday, June 26, 2011

early sunday morning

It is hot! But it's beautiful. I got out early and got 63 miles in before I was cooked. I rode familiar roads, but also took some detours to check out some parks and trails that I've ridden by but never visited.
Mize Lake is a nice little fishing lake with a path around it. Maybe a half mile extra to my ride, but a feeling that I was out in the country, even though there's a huge housing development on the other side of the street. And Lake Lenexa had trails for miles, lots of fishing spots, and places that looked perfect for putting in a kayak or canoe. I had no idea!
I headed back east on Prairie Star Parkway, which reminds me of the name of a Native American-owned casino, but I saw no slot machines. The "parkway" is well deserved though. I passed several parks, large and small, minimally developed and otherwise.
Heading back to Olathe I passed this vineyard right in the middle of town. I looked for some ideas of how to prop up the grape vine in my own backyard.
And, as I passed south of town I took a couple pictures of the Ensor Park & Museum. I never knew this existed until a week ago when I was riding a road that has been widened with a nice bike lane and I rode until I ran out of road and had to turn east to stay on pavement. I've been by this a mile to the north and a mile to the south, but never down this road before. I might need to check it out someday.
The route back home took my on a bike path by a local golf course. I always like to stop and enjoy a bit of shade, and admire this short par 3 hole. I always par this hole in my mind, maybe a birdie or two.

I was glad to be done as the temperature was in the mid-eighties, and the heat index even higher, by the time I finished. But, thinking ahead to my next bike tour I ask myself, "That was tough, but are you ready to get up and do it again tomorrow?" If I didn't have to go to work tomorrow, you bet!


  1. Looks like a good ride...and a metric in the books.

    Par...Birdie...What are those?


  2. Fun seeing photos of the variety in your neck of the woods!