Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I was able to get out for about 30 miles on my new bike on Monday. It was a great day, in the mid 70s but a strong wind out of the south. Riding straight south made the first half of the ride tough, but coming back was a breeze :) I'm still getting used to my bike. It's so different from my Surly CrossCheck. Before I go to Colorado in June I'd like to get the feel for going downhill, fast, around a curve. All kinds of problems finding all of those things in eastern Kansas. The road I took on Monday had a few rollers, but was absolutely straight. Actually, you don't have to go that far to find some decent hills. North or south into Missouri, or towards central Kansas. My next weekend off I might have to go on a quest. Neosho's Dog Tick Tour in April, and the Two River Ride in South Dakota/Nebraska should give me enough hilly riding to feel ready. And if I hold my breath it will be almost like being on Mt. Evans.


  1. My brother lives in Kansas and isn't very fond of it. He's a transplant. I'm excited to hear of your adventure. You go on great ones.

  2. Kansas is OK. I'm a transplant too, but we've been here 20+ years now, so this home.

  3. That is a nice looking new ride you picked up. I am sure it will be fast and easy to climb with. The roads around here...northwestern WI...have a lot of short steep hills and some gradual rollers. I do not ride it often, but I really can notice the difference when I ride my carbon roadie bike.