Wednesday, March 25, 2009


While there are some hills in the area, I get a lot of this when I ride. Straight lines and 90 degree angles. The first half of the ride I go west, then I turn around and go east. I don't mind it sometimes. You're able to zone out and just peddle, and enjoy the sights of the farms, animals, trees. If you find the right road there's not too much traffic, and most motorists are pretty considerate. Now, if spring would do it's thing and warm it up a bit...


  1. I've ridden BAK twice, and both times got to experience some of Kansas' flattest ground. When you get lucky and have the wind at your back on that terrain it really feels like you can ride forever. That's what happened the first time. Unfortunately, the wind wasn't quite so accomodating the 2nd time around!

  2. That looks like a great road to ride on but some variation is nice. Gazing at farm animials is always fun though.