Thursday, March 26, 2009


In no particular order, here are some more pictures from my week on the Colorado in March, 2005, and my hike out on Bright Angel Trail.

The thin line near the center of the picture is where we were on the trail a couple hours before.

Unkar Delta.

Navajo Bridges. The first was built in 1929. When the second was built in 1995, the first became pedestrian only. The only bridges across the river before the two at Phantom Ranch which connect trails from the south rim to the north rim.

Campsite on the river.

Where the Little Colorado (red) empties into the Colorado.


  1. Those were some nice pictures. Looks like a great trip.

  2. Wow, it's eerie! That river is actually within it's banks. Here the river is lapping at the dikes, threatening to reach 41ft (way over flood stage). Mmmmmm, Arizona sounds pretty good to me right now...