Wednesday, February 25, 2009


These guys make me want to ride:
-Lance. When he stood up to push it, and turned around to see if anyone was coming with him. He gave Jan Ullrich "the look". That was awesome!
-Floyd Landis. He was robbed.
-Tyler Hamilton. Break your collarbone, keep riding.
-Levi Leipheimer. 3 Tours of California in a row.
-Jim. My brother rides all the time, or thinks about riding, or builds a bike to ride.
-Nick. My nephew knows so much about bikes he makes me feel like I have a bicycle learning disability. Short bike?
-Bruce. My brother-in-law got bitten by the cycling bug, didn't treat it, fed it. If we had the time/resources he would be ready to ride anywhere, anytime.
-Pat. My high school buddy and I reconnected when we discovered we'd both gotten into cycling. He's done some crazy stuff: Furnace Creek 508, Tour of the California Alps-Death Ride, and the Solvang Double Century.

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