Saturday, February 28, 2009


Forecast flurries have evolved into 1-3 inches of snow. If I had my new bike and the weekend off, I would be bummin'. I guess I could put some studded fatties on the Surly and go off road, but, contrary to all the evidence, I'm not crazy. (when you tell my friend's 2 year old granddaughter that she's crazy, she says " I'm not crazy anymore!"
Instead, I'll keep checking the Copper Triangle site to see if they've updated their list of registrants, visiting to re-read the BTC summary, and see if he's posted a summary of CRMBT'09, and trying to figure out how many layers it takes to stay warm when you camp at 10,000 feet in June. Maybe I'll pull out American Flyers and live vicariously through Kevin Costner.

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