Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My brother-in-law and I did the Tour de Kota last June and the Colorado Rocky Mountain Bicycle Tour in August. The CRMBT was hard, but incredible, and incredibly satisfying. Our plan was to do it again this year. We were also going to do a tour in June, leaning against TdK, looking into Bike Across Kansas (BAK) or Border Raiders. The plan was for my sister to come to KS too and she and my wife could spend the week together while we rode. Bruce decided that this year wasn't going to work for a KS tour, so I had to decide if I would go back to SD or ride solo in KS. The more I looked at the local tours, the more impatient I became to return to CO. I looked into Ride-the-Rockies, but that covers the same route we rode last year, in reverse. The Bicycle Tour of Colorado, however offered some exciting challenges, including Colorado National Monument, Cottonwood Pass, and Independence Pass. So, I'm registered for 2 week-long tours in Colorado, and looking for ways to tweak these trips to make them truly excellent adventures.


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