Sunday, October 12, 2014

kind choices

I've always enjoyed cooking. Part of the reason is that I've always enjoyed eating. But I also like the creative process of putting ingredients together to make a sum greater than its parts. When I became a vegan I was presented with some new challenges when it came to cooking, but not as many, or as difficult, as you might imagine.

Over the last two years I've tried dozens of vegan recipes, many trying to re-create familiar favorites with animal friendly ingredients; Alfredo sauce using blended cauliflower, "meatballs" made from beans, and "cheesecake" using tofu.
 My culinary journey has also included sampling some meat substitutes. Mexican veggie protein crumbles make for great tacos, especially when you add lettuce, hot sauce, and some dairy-free cheese. Seitan works great for vegan hot wings, and as a replacement for beef in stew. Tempeh is a soy product than can replace meat in a lot of dishes. And I've recently found a real summer treat in Tofurky's Beer Brats.
And with a quick Google search you can find tons of recipes for things like sloppy joes made with lentils, and burgers from black beans and sweet potatoes. You can find recipes for General Tso's Chicken, minus the chicken, plus tofu or cauliflower. I've made them both and they were delicious.
I've made feta cheese from almonds and tried several dairy-free cheese options. Daiya is my favorite for shreds. And I love Go Veggie parmesan-style topping for pasta or pizza.

I guess what I'm saying is that there are a lot of choices we can make when we plan our menus, make our shopping trips, and cook our favorite meals that don't contribute to the suffering of any animals. Would you be willing to make a few changes? Can you make some kind choices?


  1. Jeff,
    Good going on the food choices.
    If I may point out, mashed cauliflower is a great sub for Mashed Potatoes.
    You can have your 'chicken' or 'beef' with the mashed cauliflower.
    I have a recipe on my blog and there are tons on the net as well.
    Have you checked out the Vegetarian Times mag yet?

    Peace :)

    1. Hi Chandra, I've seen recipes for mashed cauliflower, but haven't tried it yet. And I will check out Veg Times. Thanks!