Saturday, July 26, 2014

time to taper?

It's one week until we'll be in Colorado Springs, checking in for the 2014 edition of the Colorado Rocky Mountain Bike Tour. Some would say this is the week to taper off from the hard training, and I suppose they would be right. But it doesn't feel like I've done enough to prepare myself. I think I've done a lot, but there are many missed opportunities caused by life getting in the way. Oh well.

I did get in a ride this morning with my buddy, Roger. He had some time constraints, so we did a brisk loop and got him home with 50 miles. I jumped on the trail and rode to the end of it, turned around and came home with 72.5 miles. Then I did a little grocery shopping (most of that falls to me now that I'm vegan), and some laundry; bike clothes I want to pack for my trip.

Besides having some mountains in our way, days on CRMBT won't be much longer than today. And one of the things I love about doing a bike tour, is that all you need to think about is: what do I eat? And, where do I ride? So, I think I'm good. I'm shooting for another ride tomorrow, then a couple of short, easy spins during the week. Friday is the manageable drive to COS. And if all goes as planned, 2 weeks from today I'll be posting pictures on facebook of the view from Pikes Peak.

And whatever happens, I'll have lots of pictures, and lots of stories to tell on this blog when I'm back at home.

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