Saturday, June 2, 2012

i've been everywhere

It started out to be a leisurely 50 mile ride, then it turned epic! It was sunny, but cool this morning so I puttered around the house until 10:00am before I headed out. I figured even going slow I would be home 3:00. The wind was from the west so I started in that direction. I went further west than I had been in over a year. I ended up looking like a straggler on a century ride held by the local bike club, which I had totally forgotten about. Riders were headed back towards town as I plugged away on the other side of the road. I made it into the neighboring county before needing to choose north or south when I ran out of road. I went south and felt like Wellsville would be a good far point to make a loop that would put me over 50 miles.

I had stuffed some snacks in my pocket and ate them in the city park in Wellsville. My approach had been from the north, and I knew there was a road on the east side of town that would take me back to roads I was familiar with and get me headed for home. But, there was construction, and I was advised to not go north on that road. So, I headed south and was going away from where I wanted to end up. Seven miles later I was able to head east on a highway with a good shoulder, but more traffic than I cared for. After about 10 miles I was able to turn to the north on a road I knew. It would get me home, eventually.

Able to refill my bottles at Hillsdale Lake and again at the park in Gardner, and once more at the ball fields in Olathe, I was less than 3 miles from home before my phone rang. My dear wife was just calling to check on me and my 7 hour adventure. It wasn't planned, but I  was glad to get a good ride in that will be as long as all but two days on the Tour de Kota. Two more weeks and I'll be on my way.


  1. That almost exactly the mileage I had today!

  2. Good training- mileage wise, for the Tour de Kota.
    Nothing so good as a good days mileage on the bike Jeff.


  3. Super training, I love bicycle trips. I am greeting

  4. Sounds like a great ride and a Super Wife. Don't get me wrong, rides are good, but when our wife's worry about us, that is priceless.

    Thanks for the post!