Saturday, January 7, 2012

good busy

I was up early for a long walk with the dogs. After breakfast I did some cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping. With all that out of the way I enjoyed a brisk (45F) ride south of town (22 miles). Now I'm settling in for the FCS college football championship (go Bison!) followed by KU at Oklahoma in hoops (go Jayhawks!) and a weekend of NFL wildcard games. (go whoever makes it interesting!). Have a good weekend. ( )s rule!

p.s. The Bison won! Woohoo! The Jayhawks rallied to beat Oklahoma, and with apologies to Missouri fans, Kansas State destroyed Mizzou. They CAN'T win the Big 12 in their last season in the Big 12! Pretty good day.


  1. I think when a person stays busy like you did, a person feels better all around.

  2. It certainly is great to be busy and enjoying it....


  3. You 'Mericans sure like your college ball! And knowledgeable too. Hope your teams do well by you!