Sunday, November 13, 2011

winter bike

I haven't been riding a lot lately. A combination of work and weather, and a bout of LAS (lazy ass syndrome) have kept me from more than a few short rides. It's still dry and relatively warm here, but it's starting to feel like winter, so I thought I should have a plan to get myself riding outside as long as I can before I resign myself to the trainer in the basement.

Before the Madone there was the Cross-Check. I had put skinny road tires on it and it had served me well on a Tour de Kota  and my first CRMBT including a climb of Independence Pass. In recent years it has been a back-up bike. If the Madone is in the shop, or needs a minor repair that I don't have time for, I take the Cross-Check out for a ride.
Recently I decided to put some wider tires on it, and replace the well-worn Brooks saddle and get it ready for winter. Yesterday I got it ready to go, and this morning I took it for a short ride on the paths through the neighborhood. I even went off-road on some mountain bike trails for a short while. Now I just have to commit to bundling up and riding as long as I can. I need to keep some kind of form through the winter, and even with a dvd playing the trainer is so boring. So, here's to my winter bike!


  1. A nice brand new Brooks B17 in Honey....what more incentive do you need to get out and keep on riding over the winter?
    Maybe some Brooks Honey bar tape to match?

  2. Nice! Bundle up and get out there!