Wednesday, August 24, 2011

crmbt '11 rest day in glenwood springs

It was a beautiful morning  in the canyon when we woke in Glenwood Springs. There were tandem para-gliders floating off the ridge to our west. Once the sun was over the ridge to the east it warmed up nicely and made the shade a good place to hang out.
The sag van was at rest for the day, though there were riders who went for an easy ride up the canyon on the bike path, or back to Carbondale, which we had rolled through on our way into town. Many of us were happy for a day off the bike.
Glenwood Springs had a beautiful, relatively new high school for us to call home for a day, and a couple nights. We had a nice piece of lawn for all the campers, including Theo's SherpaVille. And we weren't too far a walk from the charming downtown.
When I checked in with Theo in Grand Junction, he told me I was in tent B2 for the week. Remembering the bingo games we used to play with my nieces and nephews at family reunions, and how my family is easily amused, I pulled out an old joke: B2 or not B2 ( that is the question?). Theo just deadpanned, "No, it's B2".
I was prepared for a day sitting in the shade with a book, and loving it, but Paul and Steve from Pittsburgh had signed up for a whitewater raft/ inflatable kayak excursion with the Glenwood Adventure Co., and asked if I would like to join them. I was so glad I did because it was awesome! The guide steered from the back while 8 of us paddled on the sides through Shoshone and it's class III rapids. When they were a little tamer, several of us got into inflatable kayaks called duckys. It was a great way to see some of that stretch of the Colorado River up close.

That night several of us went out for Italian at another restaurant. Good people, good conversation, and good food made it a wonderful evening. After the walk back to the school, I pulled out my victory cigar, deciding I wouldn't want to hang around Grand Junction to smoke it on Saturday. That was going to be a long day! The rest day in Glenwood Springs was just right. 

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