Thursday, August 18, 2011

crmbt '11 grand junction to hotchkiss

Sunday wasn't a spectacular day, but it wasn't a bad way to start either. We gained about 2470 feet over 75 miles of rolling hills through the high desert of western Colorado. We rode southeast on US 50 until we reached Delta, where we headed east on CO 92 to Hotchkiss. The Grand Mesa would be to our left all day long, but we were more concerned with traffic, and where the next aid station was located. But, we would be back.
I rode by myself for most of the morning, passing some, getting passed by some. Everyone had a greeting for fellow riders, glad to be underway despite the headwinds that made it a harder day than expected. And everyone was excited about the adventures in store for them over the next several days. I think we were all glad to reach Hotchkiss, though.
 The only problem I had the first day was that I was expecting to stay at the high school I had stayed at before. A City Market right across the street and a few restaurants within a few blocks would make a snack or dinner really easy. But we were at the new high school a couple miles out of town. It was near the new activity center and swimming pool, so I just visited the snack bar there and made do. I found a couple spots in the shade during the rest of the afternoon and evening, and visited with some new friends. Overall, not a bad day. And we had some days ahead of us that I knew would have the chance to be really memorable.

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  1. I wouldn't have thought there would have been that much of elevation gain riding in the high dessert. That's a huge amount for our area.