Saturday, May 22, 2010

feels like summer

Sunny and 84 degrees, that's more like it! This is the kind of day on which I like to ride. Except for the wind. I told myself I wasn't going to complain about the wind today, but come on! 25-35 mph, very gusty, up to 40mph. It's coming straight out of the south making the ride south slow, east or west hard to stay upright, and straight north just plain fun. It's making the flags look like this:
I put in about 42 miles, the first 30 feeling like work, but the last 12, a joy. The wind was so strong that even birds took to the ground.
Two weeks from today I'll be on the first full day of BAK. But the scheduled "full" day is only 36 miles. I've been through Colby, KS, and it seems nice, but I don't know if I need to get there by lunch and have the rest of the day for "sightseeing". So, I may ride the 18 miles from Goodland to the Colorado border for the "official" start there on Friday night, and perhaps ride there again Saturday morning and do it all again. Either way, I'll be able to say "we're touring".

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  1. I'm the opposite. I do not enjoy heat. Anything over 80 feels hot to me.

    I had my first hot ride of the year yesterday ... nearly 90 degrees, and it really took its toll. Went through massive amounts of water. And so it begins ...

    Hope you have a great trip!