Friday, January 8, 2010

crmbt 2010 rest day

Most week long bike tours feature a day off during the week. CRMBT offers a rest day on Thursday. Those who cannot take the time to ride the whole tour can do the CRMBT Lite and ride only the first 4 days. The rest of us appreciate a day to recuperate in some wonderful Colorado mountain towns like Frisco, Durango, and this year, Estes Park.

Estes Park is at the entrance to, and home of the headquarters for, Rocky Mountain National Park, and has always been closely tied to the park as a tourist town. RMNP was dedicated in 1915, and Estes Park became a town in 1917. Sitting at 7522 feet makes it a low spot in comparison to Trail Ridge Road through the park, with a high point of 12,183', or Long's Peak at 14,259'. The town was named for Joel Estes, a pioneer who made his fortune as a 49er gold miner, and stayed out west rather than returning to his native Kentucky. One notable resident was F.O. Stanley of the Stanley Steamer automobile company. Beside building his home there, he built the Stanley Hotel, which played the part of the Overlook Hotel in the Stephen King movie, The Shining. Can you say "redrum"?

Estes Park appears to be a great place for a day off with opportunities to go rafting, fishing, hiking or rock climbing. It also might be a good place to find a quiet place by the lake, sit back and relax, and enjoy the surroundings. With the park just to the west a reminder of what's ahead of you, a day to recover from the first four days, and prepare for the last two days, should be just what the doctor ordered.                         


  1. So looking forward to this tour!

  2. Having traveled through many of the places you having been posting pictures of and also reading of your biking the Colorado area, I must say is very coooool. Especially when we are from norhtern area of Wisco.