Monday, August 11, 2014

2014 crmbt colorado springs loop

Friday, 8-1

I left Olathe at about 7:30 for a 9 hour drive to Colorado Springs. I took I-70 to Oakley, KS and then US40 and CO94 for a straight shot into town. About 50 miles out I could see something on the horizon, and the closer I got, the more certain I was that Pikes Peak was letting me know that she would be there, waiting for me at week's end.
Saturday, 8-2

A Woodland Park resident had told Peter, the tour director, that there was a shortcut to the start of the Pikes Peak toll road that would get us off US24 a little sooner. I drove out to scope it out and make notes of turns to be looking for. I also drove up and took a picture of the entrance where you pay your toll, knowing that it would be dark when I returned in a week.
I spent a little time at Garden of the Gods, and The Broadmoor, before heading to Cheyenne Mountain High School to check-in with the tour, and Sherpa Ville. I greeted lots of old friends among the organizers, volunteers, support and riders who make this such a fun ride each August. I was hopeful that 2 nights at 6,000 feet, and a short first day after that, would have me ready for some of the really high altitude days to come.
Arrangements for us to camp at the school in Crested Butte fell through late in the game, so campers would spend the night after day 2 in Gunnison. I love Crested Butte, but was fine with circumstances cutting almost 30 miles off of day 2, and 10 miles off of day 3. Believe me, there was plenty left to let us know we'd done something hard.

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  1. Jeff,
    Happy to hear about this tour and I am looking forward to your posts.
    Hope your vegan lifestyle is going well also.
    Peace :)