Saturday, April 12, 2014


It's been a long, cold, lonely winter. At least long and cold. But it's starting to really feel like spring. Yesterday, after work, I was able to get in a 20+ mile ride with temps in the mid-70s, and winds that could actually be called breezes. The few warm days we've had lately have been accompanied with gale force winds that sap the fun out of a bike ride, or half of a bike ride. ;)
My training has been so sporadic, and I really need to get it in gear as I look forward to August and the Colorado Rocky Mountain Bike Tour. As usual, there will be climbing. I'm looking forward to revisiting Monarch Pass, 11,345 feet, and Cottonwood Pass, 12,156 feet. But those won't be the literal high points of this tour.

On the final day of CRMBT 2014 we'll have the chance to ride up Pikes Peak! At 14,105 feet it's the 2nd highest paved road in America. The 2010 version of this tour featured a ride up the Mt Evans, which is a little higher, but not as well known to those outside of Colorado.
That was hard! From what I hear Pikes Peak is harder. Some tough grades on top of almost 7,000 feet of elevation gain will challenge all riders. The start of the climb is only 10 miles or so from where we'll stay the night before. So, when I get there I'll have 20 miles to go, and all morning to get there.

I wonder if the donuts at the Summit House are vegan?

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