Wednesday, February 26, 2014

brandi carlile

I love all kinds of music. Well, almost all kinds. Seriously, when we still collected CDs I listened to everything from Clint Black to Coldplay. I love the soundtrack from Sweeney Todd, and solo work from Pete Townsend.  Foo Fighters and Fountains Of Wayne, The Dixie Chicks and Lyle Lovett are all among my favorites.

If you scroll through the playlist featured on this blog you'll see find songs from many artists I'd never heard of when I heard their songs somewhere, and took the time to find out what I was hearing. There are also several well-known artists with famous, or not-so-famous songs that resonate with me. What I really admire is a singer/songwriter who can craft a song that tells a story, and make you want to sing along with a beautiful melody.

There are many great songs in many genres written every year, but I've come to find many that I like in a category called adult alternative. If you go through the Music Choice channels on cable TV, that's one of the choices. And there's usually a radio station or two that features this kind of music. Hearing a new song that I enjoy reminds me of the joy of discovering a new song that I felt as a teen.

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One of the artists I've come to know through adult alternative is Brandi Carlile. She has a great voice, and really tells a story with her songs. In fact "The Story" was the first of her songs that I heard. Luckily she's got several albums to date, and there are some really good songs on all of them. I've put a few of them at the top of my playlist for your perusal. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

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