Saturday, March 30, 2013

cool stuff

When I'm riding a week-long bike tour I use several sizes of Ziploc bags. The extra-large ones are great for organizing what you're going to wear each day, keeping everything dry come any eventuality. Smaller ones can keep things from leaking, and keep things dry while you're on the bike, like my camera and some cash. But I admit, I kind of feel like a hobo when we're at our overnight spot, head to a restaurant or store, and I pull out a plastic bag to pay. Now, there's something better.

Last August in Telluride, I was having breakfast with a few other guys, and when we pulled out our money I joked about my fancy wallet. Tom showed me his JerseyBin and I made a mental note to check them out when I got home. I ordered a couple of their several different sizes. One is big enough to hold my camera, the other my phone and some cash. They use a kind of zip lock design, but they're much more durable and seal better. And they fit great in a jersey pocket on the bike, pants pocket off the bike.

Then I saw something on the web that I had to try. It's called a butterfly wallet, and it's an ultralight, ultra-skinny wallet. It can hold up to 6 cards and a few bills, and it weighs less than a quarter. It comes in several colors. I ordered what they said was their most popular, black. It's a great size and I think it will be great for biking. I'm not sure if it will keep cash dry on a long, sweaty ride, but even if I have to throw it in my JerseyBin on the bike, it will be great for when I'm off the bike.

Can you tell I'm longing for summer? Happy Easter!

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