Monday, September 24, 2012

pedal the plains

This past weekend was the inaugural running of Pedal The Plains. Sponsored by The Denver Post, which also sponsors Ride The Rockies, it was a 3-day Colorado tour that didn't go over any mountain passes. In an area of Colorado between US-36 and I-70, this year's route visited Yuma, Wray and Burlington. It's not the Rockies, but it's not flat. Over three days riders had a net elevation gain of 2378 feet, or 2638 if they did the century option on the last day.
Why a three day tour? Some might say that three days on the plains of western Colorado is plenty to see all that you can see there. But, as one who believes that any place is a good place for a ride, and having ridden around eastern South Dakota and across Kansas, I think you could spend a week challenged by the winds and rolling hills of the plains, and enjoying all the small towns that I'm sure would welcome you. And having Theo along would ensure the comfort and enjoyment of at least part of the riders.
However, from accounts of some of the riders, I think that three days of challenging, but reasonable riding gave many the chance to ride in a multi-day event for the first time. I'm sure there were many strong, seasoned riders who will ride anywhere, anytime. But, for some this was their first taste of the camaraderie and enjoyment of a bike tour. I hope that some of these new "tourists" will try their hand at a climbing tour like CRMBT next year. But, for now, I'm glad they had fun on Pedal The Plains. Kind of makes me wish that I had been there.


  1. Certainly looks like a ride that I would enjoy....


  2. Looks like fun. I have found being around other cyclist during event is almost always a good time.

    Thanks for posting!