Saturday, August 25, 2012


One of the perks of a Colorado week-long bike tour is that you normally get a rest day in a pretty cool place. For CRMBT riders this year it was Telluride. After a 65 mile ride yesterday most of us were in town by early afternoon. That gave us time to walk around town for a bit, and find something to eat.
After a wonderfully cool night, we awoke to a beautiful mountain morning. Tom and Rick were going to breakfast with a buddy from Seattle who had been in Colorado and joined them for the ride from Montrose the prior day. I tagged along and we walked downtown ate at the New Sheridan Hotel. Good visit, good food, good coffee.
Then I took the gondolas up to the high point to see the view, on down to Mountain Village and back again. It was a nice perspective on the town from above.
 Early afternoon I picked up a few things from the supermarket and had a snack back at camp. I sat under the awning with my book and visited with a few folks who weren't off on another adventure. The clouds moved in and the temperature dropped, followed by light rain which looked like it could get heavier, and not end anytime soon. I crawled in my sleeping bag and read and napped part of the afternoon away.

When it looked like it might be safe to go out again, my phone rang. My buddy, Clay, from Amarillo, was calling to see if I wanted to grab a cup of coffee. Clay doesn't do camping on these tours, so we only see each other if we happen to be in the same spot on the road at the same time. It was nice to visit for a bit.

Later, when the clouds had moved out, Tom, Rick, Amy and I went to Siam, a Thai place that we'd heard good things about. We stood on the corner and visited while we waited for the table they said would be open in 30-40 minutes. About and hour and forty-five minutes later we gave up and went to the brewpub. It was a little annoying, but the company was enjoyable, and the burger was great, so no complaints. It did cause me to get into my tent near 10:00pm, the latest of the week, but the nap probably balanced things out.
 Overall, a nice day in Telluride.

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