Saturday, March 24, 2012

fool on the hill

After several days of on and off rain (mostly on), Saturday featured sunny skies, light winds, and temperatures that made it into the low 70's. The wind seemed to be north/northwest, so I rode west and north on the way out, east and south coming home. I ended up with a pleasant 27 mile loop. I took a small detour to investigate a hill I had driven over to see if it would be a good training feature.
For a kind of out-of-the way 2-lane road, there was more traffic than I expected, but not too bad. And there is a bike path right next to the road. I only did a couple repeats today but I think I will revisit this hill on future rides. From bottom-to-top is a shade more than a half-mile at 8% grade. In my experience, if you do that 8-10 times, it will get you over most Colorado passes.

Tomorrow looks like it will be even warmer, but I'll need to get my ride in before mowing the lawn and settling in for some NCAA March Madness. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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  1. We have a couple short steep hills near our house that I have used for training. I think it works. They are no where near 1/2 mile at 8% though.

    Thanks for the post!