Saturday, May 7, 2011

nice day

This is more like it. I've only been able to make it out on a couple short rides the last few weeks, and it's been cool and windy. Today the temperature has risen into the upper 70s, and the wind is relatively calm. So, I took a couple hours and headed off on a loop I haven't done since last summer.
 There are five of these roundabouts in a one mile stretch. They make me think of the Tour de France. I always imagine myself in the peloton flying through these.

Only about 25 miles today, but it felt good to hit some hills that I had to really work to get up. I have a long way to go to be ready for Cottonwood Pass, but I still have a few months. Here's to summer!

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  1. Nice! A few of us got out today, as well. The forecast was for rain and wind. They were right about the wind, but the sunshine was most welcome--I was waaaay overdressed. Summer is coming!