Saturday, January 15, 2011

colorado national monument - tour of the moon

The Colorado National Monument near Grand Junction, CO was featured in the 1985 Kevin Costner film, American Flyers. It was the setting for the Stage of the Coors Classic Bicycle Race called the Tour of the Moon.
In 2011 "The Monument" celebrates it's 100th year. With the CRMBT starting and ending in Grand Junction, it's a great time for anyone riding the tour to get there a little early and take a ride on Rim Rock Drive. This would take you on a 23 mile ride through the park, gaining more than 2300 feet, and by adding a few roads outside the park, you could make it a 33 mile loop.
Grand Junction sits at 4597 feet on Colorado's high desert. Arriving early for the CRMBT will let you adjust to the altitude. The ride through the park will let you get a little climbing in. And the first day of the tour is only 62 miles with only a small gain in elevation. All the climbing will come from gentle rollers. So, if you're coming to ride in August, plan on a pre-ride ride on Friday or Saturday morning. You won't regret it.

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