Tuesday, August 10, 2010

crmbt check-in

I was awake by 5:00am on Saturday. I made coffee in my room and turned the Today Show on while I re-packed. I filled my travel mug and headed to Frisco to have breakfast at the Butterhorn Bakery & Cafe. Then I drove up to Breckenridge where we would be staying Sunday night.  Then Back to Frisco with a detour over Swan Mountain. I stopped in Silverthorne and bought a new wireless computer, and back to the marina in Frisco to install it.
These shots are looking down on Lake Dillon from Swan Mountain. In the top photo, Frisco is in the distance. This shot is looking toward Breckenridge.
Later in the morning I drove toward Copper Mountain and drove south to Leadville. I spent some time looking around Turquoise Lake outside of town.
I love the fact that Leadville sits at over 10,000 feet, and yet towering peaks can be seen in the distance.
I headed on to Minturn, Vail, and Edwards to check in with the tour and the Sherpa Packer. Theo will rent a tent, chair, sleeping bag and fleece liner to riders. He'll transport your bag and have you all set up with a clean towel waiting for you when you ride into the next town. I've rented the chair and towel from him before, but thought I would try the full service this year. I hoped it would make the toughest days a little easier.
I had room to take my bike inside my tent, and get all my gear organized for the next day. I visited with some other riders. Some were new to the tour, and others were familiar faces. I met a couple of friends from Wichita, Craig and Tom, and saw Norm, Dave from Omaha, and Terry & Casey from Wichita - the father and daughter I met on BAK, riding both tours on a tandem. Tomorrow's breakfast is scheduled from 6:00am and a kick-off meeting at 6:30. Then it's off to start climbing!

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