Monday, March 8, 2010

bak 2010

I'm going to Leavenworth! No, not the federal prison.

I signed up today for Bike Across Kansas 2010. This year's route runs from Goodland, KS (and an optional start at the Colorado border, 18 miles to the west) to Leavenworth, KS where the Missouri River is also the border. Colorado to Missouri in  494 miles.

I've wanted to do this ride for a long time. When I first started doing week-long tours I did the Tour de Kota in South Dakota a couple times, and that is held the same week as BAK. From east of Ottawa to Eudora will be on roads I've  ridden. Usually that's the far end of a 50ish mile loop. The rest of the ride will be new terrain for me. It should be fun to spend the week riding across the state I've called home for 22 years. And it should be a nice warm up for the CRMBT in August.                                                                                               


  1. When I sign up for a tour this have to take most of the credit. They all sound like fun.

  2. Will be watching to see what you think of it! We're talking about heading out on our own to the Black Hills and doing some camping/biking.

  3. I've done BAK twice. Both times have been great fun, although you can probably expect at least one day of way too much wind!. You'll enjoy.