Wednesday, November 18, 2009

new ride?


When the route for the 2010 CRMBT was announced I wrote that after the first day the route followed roads I have never ridden. And after Echo Lake and Mt Evans, the roads are some that I've never even driven before. I enjoy riding familiar roads that I loved the first time, and look forward to new roads to travel. It got me thinking about the route on the first day. Going from Edwards to Frisco via Leadville will feature two sides of the Copper Triangle. I've driven this route and have ridden it twice, but every time going the other direction!
The second half of the day over Fremont Pass is roughly the same going either direction. But, going over Battle Mountain Summit and Tennessee Pass from north to south looks like a totally different experience from riding it south to north. One of the things I loved when I first rode this leg was coming out of Leadville at 10,200 feet, losing a couple hundred feet, then enjoying the next 30 miles which consist of climbing about 1200 feet, and descending about 4000 feet! The traditional Copper Triangle then takes you over Vail Pass, of which I'm not very fond. But riding in the mountains means you gotta climb.

So, next August our tour will start with some good climbs, with smaller descents, and a climb over Fremont before coasting down to Copper Mountain. Then it's on the bike path to Frisco which is a slight descent of about 600 feet over 6 or 7 miles. It's a good way to finish the day.

Frisco is also one of my favorite towns we've visited in Colorado. From there on the rides will all be new, and in some ways the first day will be a new experience too.


  1. There is some climbing for sure, but I see nothing as brutal as Slumgullion was this year.

    Trail Ridge Road is spectacular. But that's the day you may want to dress a little warmer as it can be cold up there.

    Several days will be new roads for me also, but I really enjoy the mix of new and old.


  2. We will be looking forward to next years write up...and for sure, the pictures. We really enjoyed this years and of course, your other posts.

  3. That sounds like some epic riding. Looking forward to your write-ups.